About Us
Sierra Solar Systems
Sierra Solar Systems was founded in 2005, in Reno,
NV by construction industry veterans.

Our mission is simple: To make the world a cleaner
place by helping property owners save money on their
utility bills while reducing their greenhouse gas
emissions and dependence on foreign energy.

We are a vertically integrated solar systems design
and installation contractor, general contractor,
electrical contractor, and electrical engineer, which
match your needs to our services. Since we are a
vertically integrated company, we can control costs
and the quality of our projects.  We make it fast and
easy to get free quotes for solar power and/or solar
hot water systems so you can save time and money.

We provide tools and information about solar power,
solar hot water systems, government rebates and
tax credits so you can be a more informed consumer.
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Sierra Solar Systems
To Sierra Solar Systems:

Thank you Sierra Solar team for designing such a wonderful 5 Kilowatt system.
You engineered a system perfect for my needs. It makes just the right amount
with a little extra that goes into grid storage when I would need it.  It is so
wonderful to see an $8 and change monthly bill and I love CRANKING up the A/C
to "igloo" setting, as my family and I don't like to be warm.  I love that I don't have
a heating oil bill either as we now use really nice electric heaters in the winter. I
am glad you spent the time with us not only to figure out how much we use, but
also to figure out how much we would use if we went with electric this or that.
These panels and this inverter really are as efficient as you said they would be.  
Your fees for labor were lower than I thought they would be.  I look forward to our
next project when we put Solyndra panels on my House of Worship, and cut the
utility bill there when G-D provides our power.  (remember G-D helps those who
help themselves and I thank him for helping me find you!)

Harvey R.
Reno, NV

Sierra Solar Systems Customers:

To help our nation to become energy independent and decrease our [carbon]
footprint on the earth, we decided to convert to PV solar panels. Upon
researching Electrical Contractors and Solar Supply Companies, which would
work with us, homeowners.
I felt capable of doing the labor involved, and was very fortunate to be in contact
with Sierra Solar Systems, Reno. They did the engineering, oversight and final
hook up of the system. He explained in detail any and all questions that I ran into
along the way. He was in constant communication, and most times two steps
ahead of me. Fred went way beyond the call of duty and doing business with him
was a real pleasure.
They hand delivered paperwork required to help us receive a
RenewableGenerations grant thru NV Energy. We were also fortunate to buy the
panels when they went on sale.
Since the Bush Administration changed the 30% tax incentive to a cash grant,
that will greatly reduce our payback time. We ended up paying about 60% of this
5 kilowatt system.
What we saved by doing the system ourselves, we invested in a larger system
which should cover our electric usage and also help to heat our home this winter,
with credits that we produce in the summer months. Thank you Sierra Solar

Ronald C.
Palomino Valley, NV

Sierra Solar Systems Customers:

Sierra Solar team did a 4 Kilowatt ground-mount PV system for me this year and I
was very pleased with the results.  They did the design and specifications
for the system, provided guidance every step of the way and did hands-on
completion of the project.  The final result has been excellent and way
beyond my expectations.

I had never done or managed a large-scale construction project like this
and found I was in way over my head.  If my contractor had not been
trustworthy, reliable and competent, I would have been in real trouble.  As
it turned out, Sierra Solar was all of those things.  I plan to use Sierra
Solar Systems for future projects and would not hesitate to recommend Fred
and his company to anyone.

William M.
Gardnerville, NV

Thanks to Sierra Solar Systems

Sierra Solar Systems recently designed and installed a roof mounted, 4 kilowatt
PV system for us.  I received bids from several different companies.   Not only
was Sierra Solar one of the lower bids, I felt much more comfortable working with
them.  As both a degreed EE and licensed contractor, Fred was able to answer all
my questions during the biding process which eliminated the possibility of
unforeseen problems and costs during installation.  Within a day or two of being
awarded the bid, Fred had the system designed and plans submitted to Washoe
County.  Sierra Solar started our installation within days of the permit being
issued and completed it very quickly, working with us throughout the process.  
When NV Energy came to install the new meters for the net metering, they were
extremely impressed with their installation quality and assured me not all
contractors do such good work.  They have been by our house several times
since the installation to monitor how the system is running.

Once again, I must say that we had an excellent experience working with Sierra
Solar Systems during the evaluation, design and installation of our solar PV

Thanks, Tom C.