WePOWER Vertical Wind
WePOWER’s best-in-class Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
(VAWTs) represent the most comprehensive family of
products in the small wind industry.

WePOWER’s turbines are Approved Stimulus Products and
qualify for a Federal 30% tax credit, are Approved by the
California Energy Commission (CEC), on the list of
Commercially Proven Equipment Providers by the American
Wind Energy Association (AWEA), have received a CE and
IEC 61400.2 Declaration of Conformity, and a UL 1741
Certificate of Compliance.  The Better Business Bureau
recognizes WePOWER as an Accredited Business.

WePOWER’s Falcon line includes both on-grid and off-grid
VAWTs, including:  600W, 1.2kW, 3.4kW, 5.5kW and 12kW.  
These turbines can produce annual kilowatt-hours of electricity
ranging from 525kWh – 42,000kWh.

WePOWER’s patented Windvertiser™ line features a method
of displaying moving images on wind turbines including eco-
graphics and corporate images to provide a Green Halo™
which visually communicates a commitment to help the